VanECK Adviser Claims that Bitcoin-Favorable El Salvador Potential of Becoming ‘Americas’ Singapore’

VanECK Adviser Claims that Bitcoin-Favorable El Salvador Potential of Becoming ‘Americas’ Singapore’

Gabor Gurbacs, VanEck’s strategy adviser, anticipates a surge of new investment capital and exodus will boost the economic progress of El Salvador.

Gabor Gurbacs, VanEck’s strategy adviser, says that El Salvador can emulate Singapore’s lead to become the Americas’ financial center. In an October 28 post on X (previously Twitter), he said that he severally tells asset allocators and portfolio managers that the Central American nation is capable of becoming the Singapore of the Americas.

VanEck Official Projects El Salvador to Become a Financial Center

Equivalent to Singapore’s achievement in the late 90s, Gabor anticipates new capital investments and departure to be the primary drivers of the country’s enhanced economic growth in years to come.

His comments follow an October 28 post by Max Keiser, a U.S. Bitcoiner and broadcaster. Its caption was ‘Move to #ElSalvador, The New Land of the Free.’ He resides in El Salvador, and recently, he listed the main reasons the country should be on every person’s radar.

They include the status of Bitcoin and the United States dollar’s legal tender, good coffee and beaches, and a cleanup of Salvadoran crime.

El Salvador’s rank as an upcoming economy has gained more prominence in 2019 following the election of Nayib Bukele as the nation’s president. This year, the nation’s self-governing bonds have outdone several upcoming markets.

 By August, it had gained an astonishing 70% return, which caught JPMorgan’s and other central investment banks’ attention.

In September 2021, Nayib Bukele and the country’s government legalized Bitcoin and introduced Chivo Wallet that offers custodial services for Bitcoin to the citizens. The nation also seeks to power Volcano Energy, an entrant in Bitcoin mining, by leveraging its volcanic resources.

 El Salvador Invests in Crypto Development

This startup was initiated in June following a $1B investment. Keiser is the firm’s executive chairman. Its initial mining pool was introduced in October after collaboration with Luxor Technology, Bitcoin miners.

In May, Saifedean Ammous, an author who serves as an economic advisor to the National Bitcoin Office, was appointed. Over the next five years, the nation intends to amass Bitcoin to clear its debt.

In April, the president eliminated all taxes related to technology innovations, which might tempt more businesspersons and foreign capital to go to the nation.

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