Mintable CEO Claims UK Risks Regulating Non-Fungible Tokens Erroneously

Mintable CEO Claims UK Risks Regulating Non-Fungible Tokens Erroneously

Zach Burks, Mintable’s chief executive officer, claims it is not merely a piece of artwork. He argues that the UK is yet to catch up on what non-fungible tokens are becoming.

Zach Burks, Mintable CEO and founder, says that the government of the United Kingdom (UK) is at risk of regulating non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in a means that fails to suit the promising technology’s real nature.

In an interview, he believed a fresh report from a United Kingdom parliamentary committee considerably overstressed NFTs’ role in copyright violation.

Mintable CEO Anticipates Lawmakers to Formulate New Regulations for NFTs

Additionally, it does not acknowledge that they are not mere volatile digital pictures. Burks said that non-fungible tokens are in a transition stage that involves shifting from the hypothetical PFPs’ boom and is currently moving into utilities of brands using non-fungible tokens across various things.

In the October 11 report, the government was requested by the Culture, Media, and Sports Committee to intervene to safeguard content creators and artists from copyright violations linked to non-fungible tokens.

Burks admitted the importance of intellectual property (IP) rights and copyright safeguards and cited Mintable’s intellectual property protection algorithm utilized to avert plagiarism.

Nevertheless, he clarified that despite the need for these problems to be a significant priority for all non-fungible token platforms, they are not precisely NFT-explicit issues.

In this case, the issues are implicit to the internet rather than non-fungible tokens. Burks also said that according to regulators, NFTs are being utilized for copyright violation, which is also the case in YouTube, Spotify, and WordPress.

Some of the biggest and most advanced firms, such as Google, continually work on interventions to combat the matter. Burk corresponds with United Kingdom government executives on non-fungible tokens weekly.

He said that despite the need for NFT platforms to do their best to safeguard artists, regulators must have a more refined general perspective of non-fungible tokens.

Significance of NFT Platforms

Burks stated that NFTs can be utilized in several ways. For instance, they can be used for property records, car records, or backup layers.

They can also be used as bank settlement documents and biofuel firms. While laughing, Burks said that a non-fungible token is not merely a financial statement or a piece of artwork.

 Instead, it is a website. He added that in case his website is utilized to sell books, he is governed by regulations used for book sales. In case he deals drugs on his website, new rules are not required.

According to Burks, non-fungible tokens are a tremendously vast technology with various functions. A committee that declares their regulation as digital art pieces can be a significant hindrance to disclosing the technology’s exact utility.

Culture, Media, and Sports Committee Advises UK Government to Adopt NFT Regulation

The committee suggested the need for the government to embrace the European Union 17 copyright directives on non-fungible tokens. This is a bad idea, given that it is a vast umbrella.

According to the report, the committee claimed the danger to artists’ IP rights caused by the simplicity and rate at which tokens can be minted was the ‘most serious issue. It recommended regulation under Article 17 of the European Union Directive on Copyright, a moderately slim copyright directive.

Burks urges the UK to apply a case-by-case treatment of NFTs, given their diverse representation. 

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