A Beginner Guide to Understanding Options and Their Use in the Crypto Ecosystem 

A Beginner Guide to Understanding Options and  Their Use in the Crypto Ecosystem 

Options trading permits traders to envisage an asset’s future price without being compelled to buy the underlying asset, which can aid in risk management or reduction. It was previously the domain of professional traders but is currently acquiring interest from retail traders. 

Bitcoin and ether options are the most significantly traded within the digital asset sector. People can trade a cryptocurrency call and put alternatives on derivative exchanges such as Deribit and Bybit. Crypto derivative exchanges allow trading options contracts for famous digital assets, such as ether, bitcoin, and several altcoins.

Options Trading Timeframes Explained

An options holder is granted the right, but not a responsibility, to purchase or sell a particular asset at a predetermined cost within a specific timeframe. Further, option contracts can have different expiry timeframes. Some expire within a week, while some have monthly expiry dates on the third Friday of each month.

Some options’ expiry happens quarterly, while long-term options, referred to as LEAPS, have expiry dates extending over one year or more. An option contract’s expiration date relies on the particular contract type as well as the underlying asset.

Distinguishing Call and Put Options

A buy option is called a ‘call,’ while a sell option is referred to as a ‘put.’ Traders with an option can exercise their option, meaning they can purchase or sell an underlying asset at the pre-established ‘strike’ price. 

Traders must buy or sell within the period of their option. Additionally, they can allow their option to expire at the end of its set period and solely risk losing the premium paid.

Traders purchase the call option when they expect the market price to exceed the strike price at or prior to the expiry date. A put option offers a holder the right to purchase or sell the underlying asset at the strike price on or prior to the expiry date, regardless of the market circumstances. 

Risks and Rewards of Options Trading Explained

Options trading offers an exceptional risk/reward ratio. The maximum loss is restricted to the premium paid for the option, while potential profits can be significant. Hence, options permit traders to hypothesize an asset price’s direction and offer a process to hedge against possible losses.

The only loss experienced by a trader for failing to exercise their option is the premium paid to open it. Nevertheless, it may still amount to a considerable investment. In the crypto market, the premiums for options can differ considerably, and several factors affect them.


A major advantage of options trading is allowing traders holding a significant amount of a specific asset to acquire options as a safeguard against possible losses in case of adverse shifts in the market. For instance, a trader anticipating a slump in the prices of bitcoin could purchase a put option, which would cancel the losses in case of a price fall. The risk management approach puts an extra security layer to their investment portfolio.

People can utilize options trading to speculate the asset price directions as well as their unpredictability, offering profit opportunities when the market is comparatively steady. Nevertheless, despite options trading offering several benefits, it also entails significant risk and needs a profound comprehension of market forces.

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