Andreessen-Backed Eco App’ Shifting Towards Noncustodial Crypto Services

Andreessen-Backed Eco App’ Shifting Towards Noncustodial Crypto Services

The fintech wallet application Eco revealed advanced plans to gradually fade out the custodial features as it prioritizes expanding scope on noncustodial services. The fintech wallet application backed by Andreessen indicated that it shifted focus toward the recently unveiled Beam, which offers noncustodial crypto services. 

The shift towards self-custodial crypto services portrays a significant pivot for the fintech wallet application built on crypto. The shift towards noncustodial services for Eco that has over the years offered custodial solutions sheds a spotlight on the recently launched second product, Beam Wallet. 

Eco and Beam chief executive Andy Bromberg dismissed the viability of building custodial crypto services. The executive added that doubling on the self-custody would present the Eco wallet to the real crypto phase. 

Reasons for Ditching Custodial Product

Bromberg indicated that there are two reasons for the shift towards self-custody. The move was necessitated by the fact that Eco involves a US-only customer-oriented product. He added that the US regulators have recently portrayed relentless and brutal clampdown on custodial products. 

The shift from custodial products is timely, given the series of lawsuits by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). He demonstrated that Coinbase is facing charges for crypto features. Revolut also received a cease-to-operate order, thus bearing the US anti-crypto wrath. 

Noncustodial Crypto Garners Pace as Custodial Struggle with Ankle Weights 

Broomberg indicated that although it is a year since the sudden FTX implosion, custodial platforms appear to be playing with the ankle weights. He added that the instability witnessed in the sector warrants the decision to shed some features as it edges closer to 2023 last quarter. He reiterated that the firm does not harbor plans to offer the custodial product to its customers. 

The surprising decision to shift towards selfcustody services favors Beam wallet, which the company introduced in late July 2023. The firm’s statement indicated that though Beam portrays a Web2 feel, it leverages web3-based technology. 

Also, Beam utilizes the account abstraction, the Ethereum upgrade that eases crypto transfer to mirror sending emails. The wallet runs on layer-2 rollup – Optimism.

Beam is also tapping into the Base network offered by Coinbase that Bromberg identifies as understanding the ideal crypto vision. The chief executive considers the Beam product as amassing 80000 users within 60 days of its launch. In particular, he observed that the product registered impressive organic growth in Vietnam, Nigeria, and Indonesia. 

Beam Garners Investor’s Support for Noncustodial Services 

Bromberg described the technology running Beam as one to dictate the future actively. He lauds Beam as an attractive product as hailed by investors Kevin Durant and Andreessen Horowitz. Although the two investors expressed shock at the switch, they supported the decision. 

Bromberg indicated that the company shares the same opportunity as its investors to build the original crypto vision. Eco’s chief restated the platform’s desire to shift from the traditional fiat-based bank. 

Bromberg aligns the Eco’s future as one strategically to tap into the decentralized cryptocurrencies. He rallies other custodial companies to embrace the shift towards self-custody just as the Eco.

Bromberg considers the platforms embracing self-custody are readying themselves to assume active roles in the future. Such is inevitable, given the emphasis on cryptocurrency projects to rediscover their decentralized attributes. Nonetheless, he admits that if cryptocurrency’s future turns custodial, then Eco would have failed. 

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