United States Plot Selling $117M Bitcoin Seized From Silk Road Drug Trafficker

United States Plot Selling $117M Bitcoin Seized From Silk Road Drug Trafficker

The U.S. intends to sell a considerable Bitcoin stash surrendered by an imprisoned drug trafficker from Maryland.

The U.S. has revealed intentions to sell Bitcoin worth nearly $117M gotten from an imprisoned drug trafficker who operated on the currently closed dark web marketplaces. 

US Intends to Sell Seized Bitcoin

A relinquishment notice is currently online, with the government revealing its desire to ‘do away with’ the cryptocurrency. The announcement comes after the sentencing of Ryan Frace and Joseph Farance, his father. They were charged with a money laundering scheme.

The notice showed that the U.S. offered notice of its intention to get rid of the relinquished property in a manner directed by the nation’s Attorney General. Besides, other persons except the case’s defendants should file a petition claiming an interest in the assets within 60 days.

The notice shows that after the court’s completion of all filed subsidiary petitions, or in case such petitions are not filed, after the expiration of the specified time frame for filing such ancillary petitions, the U.S will have a vivid title to the property and might guarantee excellent title to subsequent transferees or purchasers.

The Justice Department notes that the U.S. effectively recouped more than 2933 Bitcoin from the Farace family, with a current value of nearly $117M. When the forfeiture announcement was published on January 10, the government listed the estimated value at nearly $133.5M. 

Ryan Underworld Deals in Crypto Unmasked

Ryan was earlier sentenced in 2018 for scheming to produce and sell Xanax pills via dark web marketplaces such as Silk Road. According to the government, such transactions earned him more than 9138 Bitcoin, or nearly $364M.

In 2020, Ryan relinquished 24 Bitcoin, asserting he lacked further access to extra financing. However, while imprisoned in the same year, he told his dad to move 2874 Bitcoin to a third-party coconspirator. 

The accomplice was required to transfer the funds from the U.S. In their plea agreements, the two acknowledged these deeds. In 2021, Ryan was accused of the charges.

On January 5, Ryan was sentenced to an extra 54 months behind bars, while on January 8, Joseph got a 19-month imprisonment. This would be followed by two years of supervised release.

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