Streaming Giant Netflix Addresses Rumor of Approving Grand Theft Auto Game

Streaming Giant Netflix Addresses Rumor of Approving Grand Theft Auto Game

Despite a new report this week suggesting Netflix’s approval of a Grand Theft Auto game, the streaming multinational is not fueling the rumor.

Netflix is making progress past film and TV streaming into video games. This week’s newspaper report claims the firm has started discussions to approve a Grand Theft Auto game from Take-Two Interactive, its publisher.

Netflix Series of Playable Title Fuels Rumors of Unveiling Grand Theft Auto Game

However, the streaming giant claims that at this point, the idea of a game on Netflix is a little more than ‘assumption’ and ‘rumors.’ Netflix failed to provide additional comments regarding the matter.

This year, expectation surrounding the Grand Theft Auto 6 game in development has resulted in fans anticipating the game’s setting, characters, and if it could have any references to crypto. Despite the crypto assertions being unconfirmed reports, leaks have disclosed some information concerning the game’s initial development strategies. For instance, it has been established that GTA 6 is likely to be set in Vice City.

Netflix Progressive March into Gaming Space Coincide With Release of Gaming Controller Application

In the meantime, Netflix has kept pushing into the game space by launching more than 70 playable titles or televisions and mobile gadgets. Some games are downloadable applications for Netflix subscribers, while others can be played from a computer or television. Additionally, the streaming firm has introduced a simple gaming controller application for users of the iPhone operating system, enabling gamers to utilize their smartphones as touchscreen controllers.

In August, Netflix revealed to a media outlet that it has no plans in place to create its exclusive game controller to eliminate the need for users to buy hardware to enjoy games.

Netflix Taps on Artificial Intelligence to Optimize Operations

Outside gaming, Netflix capitalizes on utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) to improve its operations. This summer, the streaming company revealed its intentions to hire for several AI-associated roles in the machine learning and research and development (R&D)departments.

Additionally, it launched the ‘Magenta Green Screen,’ a new form of background replacement technology. It will aid production personnel in adding artificial intelligence-created backgrounds to real-time shots.

Netflix Expanding Revenue Streams

Netflix is gradually expanding its portfolio to broaden the revenue generating streams. The move aligns with its strategic realignment to break the dependency on subscription-based income.

Josh Simon, the firm’s VP of Consumer Products, told a news media company that Netflix has divulged intentions to introduce physical shops to enable fans to purchase merchandise or try out foods inspired by their preferred shows on the platform. Christened ‘Netflix Houses,’ these permanent shops will start opening in the United States in 2025.

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