How Saga Origins Seeks to Revolutionize Crypto Gaming, Unveils Provocative Products 

How Saga Origins Seeks to Revolutionize Crypto Gaming, Unveils Provocative Products 

According to Rebecca Liao, Saga seeks to release mature and bold crypto games. Last month, Saga, a Layer-1 blockchain, revealed its plan to unveil Saga Origins, an in-house video game publishing division. Since the mainnet and SAGA token are live, there is a vivid depiction of what to anticipate from the upstart publisher.

Saga Scales to Provocative Games

In a recent interview with a media resource, Rebecca Liao, Saga’s co-founder and chief executive officer, explained the publishing arm’s vision. She claimed it aims to publish ‘provocative, expansive, and uncompromising’ games. 

The approach deviates from the Web3 industry’s usual approach, with several crypto games focused on harmless and frequently family-friendly experiences. Further, shooter games like the Machine Arena prefer cartoonish graphics to attain an Everyone 10+ rating. However, more adult-aligned games like Shrapnel and Off the Grid are underway.

Liao noted that considering the broader gaming space, besides Minecraft and Tetris, Grand Theft Auto V remains the highest-selling game ever. This game’s mature nature makes it infamous.

Besides, only four of the top 10 best-selling videos have an E for Everyone ranking. She also claimed that most of the games they have been considering and those they signed are mature content. Most games in Web3 are ‘E for Everyone,’ meaning this is a different perspective for audiences. 

The approach is a means to remain provocative and offers developers’ freedom of vision.’ However, Liao acknowledges that this freedom level sometimes gets ‘extremely intense’. Over the past few months, the Saga network unveiled ‘play-to-airdrop’ campaigns, creating a name for itself. 

The contests motivated gamers to experiment with the project on the Saga testnet in exchange for SAGA tokens. This evoked a significant rise in interest in games on the network. As such, the publishing aims to maintain the marketing approach. 

Saga Embraces Video Game Publishing

Liao said they created play-to-airdrop in 2023. After a thorough examination, they believe they are prepared to be a publisher. She also believes that game space warrants attention. 

Video game publishers are responsible for several elements, such as licensing, playtesting, distribution, and marketing. According to Saga, its fruitful play-to-airdrop campaigns improve its chances of becoming a publisher, with token enticements promoting user acquisition.

The publishing strategy did not just originate from nowhere. According to Lia, game developers requested that Saga publish their games. Liao said that after the examination, they questioned what they would do with a publishing arm. 

However, it became sensible after hearing numerous requests and understanding the prevailing events in the vast gaming sector. 

Gaming Sector Under Significant Transition

The gaming sector has experienced many dismissals this year, and Liao believes this is the most suitable moment for Web3 gaming to become a substitute for conventional AAA gaming. Liao noted that at Saga, they believe there is a place for Web 3. 

Saga Origins is still in the infancy stage and has not announced any games yet. However, gamers must anticipate major unveilings by the time of the annual Gamescom conference scheduled for August 21-25 in Cologne. The reveals might entail the alpha versions of games available for players to experiment with. 

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