Ex-Binance Chief Changpeng Zhao Unveils ‘Giggle Academy’

Ex-Binance Chief Changpeng Zhao Unveils ‘Giggle Academy’

Even while awaiting sentencing in federal court, Zhao reveals ‘the most effective thing he could do in his next chapter of life.’ 

On March 18, Changpeng ‘CZ’ Zhao revealed plans to unveil Giggle Academy, a new nonprofit online education platform. In November, he founded Binance, a cryptocurrency exchange, and resigned as the chief executive officer in a settlement concerning federal money laundering charges. 

Zhao Unveils Education Program Amid Looming Sentencing

On X, Zhao noted the need to make basic education enjoyable and accessible to all kinds globally. He also revealed that Project Google is hiring, and working directly with him is one of the advantages. 

Zhao explained that free basic education for all, adaptive, no income, gamified. He also offered a link to the Project Giggle website and concept paper. The announcement comes as Zhao waits for sentencing on charges of not maintaining an efficient anti-money laundering initiative at the cryptocurrency exchange. 

He pleaded guilty in November and accepted to resign as part of a settlement with the United States Department of Justice (DOJ). Binance was instructed to pay penalties of $4.3B and ‘fully leave’ the U.S. market.

Zhao faces 10 to 18 months behind bars under the federal imprisonment regulation, with sentencing pushed to April 30. Part of the plea deal involved him paying fines of $50M, and he is presently free on a bond of $175M. Besides, a federal judge enforced travel limits barring him from exiting the United States, considering him a flight risk. 

Zhao Targets Uneducated Adults

Despite his legal problems, Zhao seems optimistic about Project Giggle and the fundamental cause. The concept paper highlights a ruthless vision to ‘promote the accessibility of basic education globally to kids who lack access.’ 

It mentions statistics revealing that ‘more than 75% of the globe’s 781M uneducated adults are in West Asia, South Asia, and sub-Saharan Africa. Additionally, women represent nearly 66% of all uneducated adults worldwide.’ 

Giggle Academy seeks to offer free online courses from grades 1-12 across main subjects and topics such as finance, emotional intelligence, and blockchain.

The no-cost and no-revenue strategy aims to acquire interest and support via gamification to promote student engagement. This includes an adaptive curriculum that promotes subject specialization and a blockchain-founded ‘soul-bound tokens’ system to verify learners’ accomplishments.

Zhao’s Giggle Academy Initiative Excellent

Crypto Twitter had opinions. On X, he said he respected rewarding the world with free education. Kashif Raza, the founder of Bitinnin, a Bitcoin education platform, also noted that CZ’s initiative is excellent. This is because education is the only means to promote change. Another follower swiftly unveiled a Solana meme coin, though it seems more than a dozen that riff on the Giggle brand currently exist.

In a quote on the Giggle Academy website, Zhao revealed that developing a high-quality and sticky education platform that is entirely free and accessible to all is the most influential thing he could do for the upcoming chapter of his life. The website also reveals job openings for a Gamification Product Manager and a Senior Game Developer.

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