Crypto Valleys Unveil Ambitious Yield to Players on Ethereum L2 Blast

Crypto Valleys Unveil Ambitious Yield to Players on Ethereum L2 Blast

Crypto Valleys is fueling the bubbling gaming activity on Ethereum Layer-2 scaling network Blast with an ambitious package accelerating Blast’s most-traded token. 

The game on the Ethereum scaler Blast is wrapping up the decentralized finance (DeFi) mechanics into an enticing package for the players. 

Crypto Valleys Promises More Gains for DeFi Degens

The Gaming activity has emerged as a bubbling event on the Ethereum scaling network Blast. Crypto Valleys is leveraging the moment to make YIELD the most-traded token in Blast.

Crypto Valleys is replicating the ground leveraged by Pixels through a similar farming game run on a competitive scaler Ronin network. While Pixels relatively yields a robust experience identical to conventional video games, Crypto Valleys prioritizes sustaining the DeFi degens to realize more gains. 

The web-based game allows you to acquire NFT-based seeds with the YIELD token. One can plant to harvest the produce, thus enabling you to earn additional YIELD.

Crypto Valleys portrays more ambitious targets, as provided for in the game’s documentation and social media threads. Presently, the game’s nature appears simple and streamlined.  

Crypto Valleys features that facilitate spicing things up that mirror packs that have randomized contents. 

Crypto Valleys Fueling FOMO to Drive Activity Among Players

The gacha games are similar to the loot boxes in other popular games, promising rewards ranging from common to extravagant packages. The rewards remain uncertain until one opens them, thus fueling the fear of missing out (FOMO). 

Crypto Valleys grab the attention of players seeking to optimize their YIELD gains from the subsequent crop. It promises gains for the next seed. Such an alluring possibility accelerates the uptake of other Ethereum wallets in the hopes of the surging token.  

Crypto Valleys Fueling YIELD Activity on Blast Network

Crypto Valleys’ YIELD tops the most-traded token on the Layer-2 network Blast as per DexScreener data, with the token realizing $19.2 million daily trading volume. At press time 05:26 UTC, YIELD is exchanging hands at $9.98 to attain $64.7 million. 

The YIELD token is yet to replicate the $17 price tag witnessed during last Thursday’s pump. Towards the week, the token tested $95M market capitalization for tokens offered in-game earlier this month for $0.15. 

The growing buzz is evident in Crypto Valley’s strides to issue the free-to-mint collection comprising 1,500 character NFTs. Each of the assets issued freely now exchanges hands at 0.44 ETH, translating to $1598 at press time within the secondary market. Besides, the assets have realized over $4 million in trading volume. 

Crypto Valleys draws comparisons to predecessor DeFi Kingdoms that integrated the mechanics of DeFi trading into the fantasy role-player. However, incorporating gacha mechanics with the yield opportunities illustrative of the booming Blast ecosystem supercharges the players. Crypto Valleys allows players to earn the Bto last alongside the special points that give users the ability to participate in the upcoming token airdrop on the Blast network. the 

A scrutiny of the Crypto Valley popularity reveals the game is attracting hype tweets in the promising valuable seeds dominating the crypto Twitter. It is still essential to monitor if the degens will stick around to witness the digital crops mature or if they will embark on other juicy yields elsewhere. 

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